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Commercial fences offer a range of benefits to businesses in the Texas and Arkansas area, from providing security and privacy to enhancing the professional appearance of the property.

We believe in securing and safeguarding every part of your property, whether that means designing a custom railing to improve safety, installing bollards to prevent vehicular accidents, or adding a sports fence to protect fans.

Whether you're in need of a fencing and security solution for a local business, office complex, or retail establishment, our commercial services provide peace of mind and a visually appealing solution for safeguarding your property.

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Most Popular Commercial Property Solutions

Our Texas and Arkansas commercial fence experts have years of experience creating custom security solutions for a wide range of properties.

Commercial Bollards in the Texas and Arkansas area.

Commercial Solutions Bollards

Our bollards are a strong and reliable solution for protecting pedestrian areas, storefronts, and other vulnerable spaces from vehicle intrusion.

Texas and Arkansas bollards are made from durable materials and provide a strong physical barrier without requiring a solid fence that blocks pedestrian access.

Bollard Examples
Commercial Custom Fabrication in the Texas and Arkansas area.

Commercial Solutions Custom Fabrication

Bill's Fence works closely with each client to create custom-fabricated iron projects that address all of their needs.

Each item is fabricated by our in-house team, powder coated to prevent premature weathering and rusting, and installed to your exact specifications.

Custom Fabrication Examples
Commercial Dumpster Enclosures in the Texas and Arkansas area.

Commercial Solutions Dumpster Enclosures

Our dumpster enclosures provide a discreet and secure solution for concealing unsightly dumpsters with a long-lasting fence.

Dumpster enclosures are usually constructed using PVC-coated chain link fencing and privacy slats to create an affordable and low-maintenance enclosure.

Dumpster Enclosure Examples
Commercial HOAs in the Texas and Arkansas area.

Commercial Solutions HOA Fences

HOA fences add curb appeal with a uniform design for residential communities in Texas and Arkansas.

With various styles, colors, and materials available, our HOA fences adhere to your HOA guidelines while enhancing curb appeal and property values for homeowners within the community.

HOA Fencing Examples
Commercial Privacy Slats and Wind Screens in the Texas and Arkansas area.

Commercial Solutions Privacy Slats and Windscreens

Our privacy slats and windscreens offer an effective solution for adding privacy and reducing wind exposure on your commercial property.

Made from high-quality materials, our slats and windscreens are durable, affordable, and customizable to meet the needs of your local business or industrial space.

Privacy Slats and Wind Screen Examples
Commercial Railings in the Texas and Arkansas area.

Commercial Solutions Railings

Texas and Arkansas railings combine safety and style to enhance the curb appeal and security of your property.

Our railings provide a sturdy barrier for elevated areas and staircases and are crafted from durable, attractive materials to create attractive railings.

Railing Examples
Commercial School Districts in the Texas and Arkansas area.

Commercial Solutions School District Fences

School district fences offer essential security features to protect students, staff, and property within educational facilities.

Our school fences feature sturdy materials and customizable designs to provide a safe boundary for school grounds while maintaining a welcoming environment.

School District Fencing Examples
Commercial Sporting Fields in the Texas and Arkansas area.

Commercial Solutions Sporting Field Fences

Sports field fencing provides a secure perimeter for all types of athletic facilities and sports fields in Texas and Arkansas.

Sporting field fences keep players and spectators safe during games and events using durable materials and customizable options for baseball, soccer fields, tennis courts, and more!

Sporting Field Fencing Examples
Commercial Sports Netting in the Texas and Arkansas area.

Commercial Solutions Sports Netting

Bill's Fence specializes in securing various sports fields, including large commercial sporting facilities.

Our sports netting is a durable and reliable solution for creating safe and defined boundaries for various baseball fields, soccer facilities, and driving ranges.

Sports Netting Examples
Commercial Temporary fences in the Texas and Arkansas area.

Commercial Solutions Temporary Fences

Temporary fences in Texas and Arkansas are an excellent solution for temporary and flexible security for businesses and construction sites.

Our temporary fences are made of strong galvanized steel and are available with above-ground stabilizers or driven posts to create the best temporary fence for your needs.

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Measure Your Property

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Select a Fence Style

Review our selection of fencing materials online to find the right choice for your property. You can find photos of our finished products, details about the benefits of each fencing material, and our selection of fence styles.

Buying a fence step 3: Delivery & Installation

Delivery and Installation

Our team will take it from here! On installation day, our team will deliver your fencing materials and install your fence. We specialize in high-quality installations by experienced professionals to deliver the best service possible.

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Instant Fence Estimator

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